How to use the patterns and how to transfer them on fabric?

All patterns and instructions come as PDF files. You can print them on A4 paper, then you can transfer the pattern on the fabric using carbon paper, or you can put the pattern on the light source (window, light pad), then put the fabric on it and outline the pattern with heat erasable pen. Or just to outline it from tablet PC, if you have one, placing the fabric on it. 

What fabric and thread do you use?

Diana usually uses cotton embroidery floss (like DMC brand) and linen fabric. But you can use any fabric to your liking, it's easier to work if the fabric has 180-240 g/m density and is not stretching.

How can I use the embroidery?

With enough skill, almost any textile item can be decorated with hand embroidery. Also, you can leave the finished work in a wooden hoop and make it a wall decor. You can use our patterns to embroider on clothes, accessories, home textile (pillow cases, napkins, tablecloth etc.) and anything else. The creativity has no limits :)

How to download the digital files?

The download button will be available for you at the last webpage during checkout, after the payment. Also, we send you an email with download link. 

Where can I find the video tutorial?

If there is a video tutorial for the pattern, there is a text file that you download along with other files, you can open it with any default text editor, it contains the link. Copy this link and open it in your web browser to access the video tutorial.
Not all patterns include a video tutorial, please read the description of every pattern.
Some of the newest patterns have no video tutorial of the process, but there are QR codes and links for the helpful videos in the guide.