Stunning pattern and not too difficult to follow. Please, create more.
Natalya Boyer
Pdf pattern+ video tutorial. Pink and burgundy peonies

Thank you for lighting my love of embroidery again!I haven't started your pattern yet because I have no carbon paper or way to trace onto the material but soon I will!You videos are entrancing - I love love the piano music!!Thank you so much =)

Pdf pattern+ video tutorial. Garden roses
Hi🙋‍♀️I am very happy with my purchase and very very impressed
Pdf pattern+ video tutorial. Pink and burgundy peonies
I'm really happy with my order. Its so much fun and the video is really helpful. Thanks for this cute set.
Full embroidery kit "Spring honey" for hoop 10





► What fabric should I use for embroidery? 

Thick linen >180g (better) or any other natural fabric. If you are a beginner, choose fabrics of light color to make it easier to transfer the pattern.

► What threads should I use?

I use six-strand cotton embroidery floss, brands I use: DMC or PNK Kirov. You can use any other brand of embroidery floss, available in your country.

► What kind of needle should I buy?

Each brand has their own needle numbers. You can buy a needle DMC (embroidery) №3 or DMC (darners) №5 or Aurora (number 7). 

► How do you transfer the pattern on the fabric?

I usually use carbon paper or heat erasable pen.

► What kind of carbon paper should I use? 

Black or blue color. I buy it at a craft store near my house. If you doubt it, check it on a small piece of fabric. You need to trace the drawing with effort.


► When will I receive my order? Why is the track not tracked for several days?

On average, delivery takes from 12 to 45 days. I can't affect the delivery speed. It's normal if there are no tracking updates for the international parcels for several days. To monitor the status of your order use the site Specify your email address and updates will be sent to you automatically. If the parcel is more than 60 days in transit, we will refund you the money for the order, or we will resend it.

Orders/ Kits

► What is included in the kit? 

Everything you need to start embroidery right away. You can read the full list in the item description at the website. 

General questions

► Do you have Youtube channel?

Yes, you can find me on Youtube as "Diana Vingert".

► Can I use your patterns if I am a total beginner?

Yes, most of my patters are beginner friendly. I use simple stitches and provide all necessary instructions in PDF files + video tutorial.